Trying not to be part of the problem.

Tuesday is also writing day

My book, which has the working title, 'The Vegan Imperative' is coming along slowly, oh so slowly, but surely, I think.  You may recall a few weeks back I decided that Monday would be my writing day.  No matter what, every Monday I spend some time working on my book.  It's not a difficult promise to keep, vaguely defined as it is (five minutes, after all, counts as "some time") but I'm pleased to say I've managed to do so through January and February.  I have about eight to ten thousand words down, and they're shaping themselves into some kind of order.

But this isn't really enough, so I've decided that from today onwards (happy Pancake Day, if you like that sort of thing) Tuesday is going to be a writing day as well.  Yesterday I got a few paragraphs together explaining the Cambrian explosion (as much to myself as any future reader - evolutionary biology is hardly my area of expertise) and found myself tumbling down the rabbit hole of scientific research into such obscure matters as how and why the oxygen content of the atmosphere facilitated the evolution of eukaryotic life, the 'evolutionary arms race' that comes with the emergence of predation, as well as spending more time than I probably needed to pondering the more esoteric meanings of photosynthesis.  (Can you eat light?)  Writing a book is hard work, especially with a brain as scattered as mine, and with enormous gaps in my knowledge concerning the scientific lines of thought I want to follow, much research is needed.  I suppose if I can explain these things to myself I should be able to explain them to readers, too.

So all this requires more than one day a week.  It will probably require more than two, but for now that's as much as I can realistically afford.  It's snowing outside, and I need to top up my electric meter.