Reading list, and other tweaks

If you'd care to glance over to the left hand side bar of this blog (if you're using mobile or reading elsewhere than on blogger, please go to the main page and you'll see what I'm on about) you'll see I've started to gather a 'Reading List' together. This is really just a linkdump, for longer articles, books and papers, may or may not have always read myself, but which have captured my attention and relate in some way or other to the things I ponder on this blog. I invite you to explore.
I also set up a new Twitter account on which to gather my thoughts relating to the themes of my book, which you can follow at @veganimp. This is just a place to gather my thoughts in a slightly more organised way, using the 140 character limit to keep the thoughts concise. I'll also post links to things I'm reading there too, when I feel like it.
@jonnyopinion by the way, is just where I piss about. See right sidebar for details.
Also, if there's any readers I haven't given access to my 'library', which is where I throw every epub or pdf I can get hands on, please get in touch with your email address and I'll send you a link to view. There's so much to read, and so much time to read it in.