One week remains until I stop working.  I have lost all motivation to even pretend I care about my job or that it is any way worth doing.  I'll have more to say on this subject retrospectively.  Suffice to say that from next week, things really get going and I'll have much more to blog about the practicalities of my new life.  For now...

Here's what seven homemade vegan 'ready meals' looks like.  Boiled rice, mixed beans, kale.  Simple, tasty enough and very cheap.  ALDI rice and tinned beans, and some left over kale I'd cooked a while back and frozen in portions for, well, something like this.  If you don't mind eating the same thing every day for a week (and I don't really) then do something like this.  Couple of quid, seven meals.  Microwave as required.

If you're viewing this site through a facebook browser or in the mobile version, you won't have noticed that I've been slowly adding internet things to the sidebar as I come across them.  I've started dividing this up into sections to make it more wieldy, so please enjoy a selection of YouTube channels, blogs, subreddits and links relating to sustainable living, veganism, philosophy, science, transhumanism, environmentalism, anti-work and other related matters.

One channel I've been enjoying this evening is DIY Harbour Kris Harbour, which has an encouraging series of videos showing the building of an offgrid roundhouse.  He makes it look easier than I thought that sort of thing would be.  I know absolutely nothing on the subject in any practical terms, so it's nice to see someone just having a go of it.  Future reference.

Today my tenancy renewal form came through, accompanied by the announcement that rent would be going up from £650 to £675 a month.  Lovely stuff.  The offer was to sign up for another twelve months, but I've asked for just six instead.  This is apparently acceptable.  Realistically I don't think I'm going to be able to afford more than that.

Book sales are going well.  Made another £80 in the past week from selling off books that for the most part I've been able to find in digital format.  These have been added to my google drive library.  Please let me know if you'd like access.  Lots of good stuff.  I can't believe exists, but it does.  Ha ha.

Reddit is a very useful source of ideas.  I'm keeping track of the subreddits relevant to my interests via this multi.  Tentatively exploring the tacky world of "online income", which is, needless to say, teeming with scams.  But who knows, maybe there are some nuggets among the shit; and I have received a cheque from Inbox Pounds, who pay you for clicking meaningless links and taking meaningless surveys, if you like that sort of thing.  £23 I wouldn't have otherwise, which I suppose isn't bad for a couple of minutes of soul-selling a day.  Sometime sacrifices have to be made.

Email received in response to a query I sent to Ryhdall Hall, a Christian community in the Lake District who accept long term residential volunteers that they "pay" in room and board.  However, they do ask for 37 hours work a week as well as time spent at "a daily devotional time and weekly Bible study and social get together."  It's still an option, even if not an ideal one.  Might have to zip it a little to get through the Bible study though.

Found a campsite I'd like to spent some time in during April - the Clachtholl Beach Campsite - way up north in the Highlands.  Tropical Scottish beaches.  Application form received.  It looks wild and remote enough for some proper peace and quiet, but not so distant that I might accidentally die, or something.  I may need to buy a tent.  Here is a blog by a student who lives in a tent.  It's just the sort of thing people do these days.