Friday, 5 January 2018

Prayer Plant Propagation

The solstice has passed and January is here (happy new one) which means it's time to start thinking hard about making plan(t)s.  To be honest, these days I rarely stop thinking about plants.  Plans are something I am less competent with.  Still, I've been doing a fair bit of internetting and it feels like I'm starting to get a handle on how the allotment year is going to look.

But it's still too cold for much of that, so I'm keeping my attention indoors.  I watched this video the other day, and decided to follow its instructions carefully.

The key would seem to be to look for the "nodes", the nobbly parts of the plant stems you can see here just below the scissors.  That's where I cut.

I found myself two nice nodes; in fact, one node had a node of its own, so I split this stem.  Now I have three nodes.  I've left them in water, out of direct sunlight, and will be observing them closely.  I hope it's not too early in the year to do this sort of thing, but I just can't wait to get started.


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