Indoor Potato Harvest #1

Another month, another meal...

This morning I decided that the time was right to harvest the first of my indoor potato buckets.  Last week, when I returned home from my brief jaunt across the Atlantic the tall, self-confident leaves potato plants grow sprout to collect their light to convert to potato, had started to look like this.  

I have read that when this happens, it's a sign the potatoes are ready to harvest, and it had been a week now,:my curiosity, first piqued, had now peaked.  Thus, I removed the leaves, turned the bucket upside down and rummaged through the soil.  This is what I collected:

 For comparison, this is what the potatoes look like next to my hand:

And this is what they look like after a wash:

OK, hardly an abundant harvest, but enough for a portion.  Cooked up with some lentils from my bottomless bag, they made a very nice lunch indeed.  Impossible to say if there's some kind of placebo effect going on, but potatoes that you grow yourself are about as yummy as potatoes can be.

There are two more buckets on the go, which aren't ready for harvesting yet, but are a bit larger than the this one, and which currently look like this:

These have had less direct sunlight, but that doesn't appear to have inhibited growth at all, so I'm confident that I'll get at least as much out of them as I did of the bucket on the windowsill.