Trying not to be part of the problem.


I am against work.  More precisely, I am against involuntary work.  Millions of people spend a large portion of their waking hours doing their jobs: work they would never chose to do for free, but only because they get paid for doing it.  They sell the one thing we all have - time - in exchange for the one thing we have been conditioned to believe we "need" - money.  

Money is neither good nor bad, but we all know how powerful it can be.  There are things we would do for money that we would do in exchange for nothing else, if the price were high enough.  That makes it as dangerous as it is liberating.  Money is opportunity.  People are neither good nor bad either.  Let's think about that.

If you genuinely enjoy your work (and the only true measure of enjoyment here is whether you would do it if you weren't being paid) then you are lucky, and you are in a minority.  I have no criticism to level against you, and I wish you well.

But the majority of us, let's be honest, hate our jobs.  We hate the monotony, the stress, and what the work we do turns us into: sycophants, drones, consumers.  We all have dreams.  Some of us may but few us ever come close to living them.

I am convinced that money, and the creation of needs by the economic forces that keep us in the endless pursuit of money, has done as much harm for human beings as it has ever done good.  I know there is nothing original about this idea, but what I do know is that we may at last be able to seize the opportunity to move beyond a money-based economy.  Technology may finally be about to fulfill its potential, the promise of the industrial revolution: not to create more and more work, as it continues to do now, but to create a world based on leisure rather than on work.  It's a world I hope I live to see.  

A possible world.