Working to Live

I've always liked the idea of a "not for profit" business.  It's subversive, in its own small way, since the purpose of a business is usually to make a profit.  It's also a simple idea, and I'm a simple person at heart: you charge for your service only what it costs to provide it.  I wonder if I could apply the same idea to myself: intentionally earning only enough money to cover the costs of living.  This minimizes time spent working, and maximizes free time.  It seems like a sensible first step in the direction I want to go.

I started a spreadsheet on Monday that I'll use to record all my expenses - income and outgoings.  Since I've got a little money saved up, I can treat this as a kind of "float".  At the end of each month, I can total up how much I spent, and work out how much I have to work (or sell) in order to make that back.  Then, that becomes my "target" for the next month.  As I go along, I work on cutting down the expenses themselves, so in theory, as each month goes by, I can work less.  Keeping a detailed record of every transaction should help with this.  For every expense, I just ask two questions: a). was this necessary? and b). can it be reduced (or eliminated)?  I wonder if I might surprise myself as to just how much I can save.

It all seems so simple, which means it probably isn't.