The Great Indoors

Twelve days in the Scottish Highlands that felt more like twelve months, and I'm back in Manchester again.  I have a lot of things to tell you.  This will take some time.  I begin with some photos that I took while I was there, to set the mood.  Click on the lovely picture below to take you to the album.

I only returned home last night, so I confess I'm posting this hastily because I happen to have received an email from informing me that I'm "blog of the day".  This may, of course, mean nothing: I have no idea if is a heavily used site, or what sort of prestige (or traffic) being their blog of the day really brings.  Still, it sounds good, and makes me feel a little giddy.  Thank you to the good people and bots of  They asked me to ask you to submit a review of this blog to their site.  Please do that, if you feel like it.  This probably won't last.  

Anyhow, if you've come here from blog infusion, hello.  This is a blog about a person trying to find a way to live a simpler life, hopefully one day soon to be free of money and material need altogether.  I decided instead of dreaming of such things, or wait until I could afford it, to just do it, and see what happens.  Have a read at some posts from March and February to see what I'm going for.  The blog, as is the new life I'm trying to make, is very much work in progress.  Every life is work in progress.  Or should be, I suppose.

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I have just returned from time away camping and hiking in Scotland that I took after quitting my job, for some much-needed head-clearing time.  It was a partial success.  I have learnt at least two things:

1.  I don't want to live in the city any more.
2.  I want to write a lot of books.

Neither of these are staggering, profound spiritual insights.  I have learnt some other things as well, but these are not as easy to put into words.  Clarity is relative.  Over the next few days I hope to blog here prolifically, so please subscribe, like, comment, share and all that shite.  I can be found on facebook, twitter, tumblr and google+ (oh, and youtube.  Oh and oh, and sometimes I am in disguise).  Posts blogged here are all synced with my feeds there, so feel free to follow through your medium of choice.  That reminds me, I really need to mirror this blog at  That's where everyone blogs these days isn't it?  Much to be done.  Time to make porridge.

Peace be with you.