“While modern capitalism constantly develops new needs in order to increase consumption, people’s dissatisfaction remains the same as ever. Their lives no longer have any meaning beyond a rush to consume, and this consumption is used to justify the increasingly radical frustration of any creative activity or genuine human initiative — to the point that people no longer even see this lack of meaning as important.” - Pierre Canjuers, Socialisme ou Barbarie #27

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Potato's Progress

I thought maybe you'd like to see how my potato growing experiment is going. Well, it's going well. Here is some photographic evidence:

These are the first ones I planted, eight weeks ago. I had to 'train' the shoots a bit as they were getting in the way of me being able to open the window.  Left to their own devices, they'd be standing a good four feet tall.  The leaves are just starting to turn yellow, some I'm hoping to be able to have my first 'harvest' in about two weeks from now.  Five weeks ago, I planted some supermarket potatoes that were starting to grow eyes, and looked a bit too manky to eat. This was the result:

Encouraging.  I'm thinking as these ones are only growing in quite a small pot, I might just get some 'new' potatoes from this one.  We'll see.

Here is the original plant next to another 'plastic box' setup I made (one box on top of another, with holes stabbed in the top one to drain water into the box below), showing about a week's growth.  Now the warm weather is here, they're shooting up all over the place: 

It will be interesting to see how many potatoes I get per box/container.  Once I harvest I might be able to give a rough estimate of how many boxes I'd need to grow enough potatoes to have a constant year-round supply.  I'm being cautiously optimistic.