Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Linkdump

I've been coming round to the idea recently that perhaps the internet has done as much harm as good.  Perhaps some emergent digital Abraxas out in the cyber ether has been conspiring all along, for reasons mysterious, to maintain a kind of balance between good and evil over the fulcrum of access.  Whatever you're looking for, somewhere on the internet, you can almost certainly find it.  Or at least someone else who wants to talk about it.  Perhaps there's only two of you in the entire world.  Before the internet came to be, the chances of you ever finding each other, of even knowing each other existed, were effectively zero.  This is no longer true.  And there are 7.5 billion people in the world.  So the chances there are only two of you are very low indeed.  Consider that.

Anyway, in exploring the worlds (to list just a tiny sample) of environmentalism, veganism, sustainability, frugality, tiny houses, communitarianism, dumpster diving, ecology, green anarchism, zero waste, vermiculture, indoor gardening, permaculture, SEO, minimalism, transhumanism, space exploration, renewable energy, degrowth, socialism, anarcho-capitalism and various shades of libertarianism; seasteading, global collapse - I inevitably collect more links than I know what to do with, except file away for some nebulous 'later' that never arrives.  So it occurred to me a periodic linkdump here on my blog might be in order.  Perhaps once a week, on a Sunday.  Perhaps more often, perhaps less.  Consequently, here's a few.  Explore and enjoy.

Articles and blog posts:

Russian Laywer Finds Happiness in a Hole in the Woods from Return to Now
Free Time!  Ludicity and the Anti-Work Ethic by Laura Martz at cultronix
Anxiety Attack by Brian Dean
Communalism as an evolutionary path by Jyri Jaakkola at New Compass
The urgency of slowing down by Kazu Haga at Waging Nonviolence
Victor Lebow on consumer capitalism via Not Buying Anything
Against meaninglessness and precarity: the crisis of work at David Frayne at ROAR Magazine
What is Green Anarchy? at The Anarchist Library
The Far Left and the 2017 General Election at All That is Solid...


Simplicity Collective
Green Building Press
Diggers and Dreamers
UK Hippy
Low-Tech Magazine


El Pocito
Our Permaculture Life
Rob the Vegan Geek (many thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I have returned the favour)
Not Buying Anything (likewise)


The Science Wars: Introduction marked the return of King Crocoduck, an actual intellectual on YouTube who stands out from the crowd of pseduo-intellectuals that tend to get far more attention, and of whom I first became aware from his excellent series The Arrogance of Creationism.

Shaun and Jen is a really good channel, taking on some of the aforementioned "intellectuals" and alt-right loonies, with a dry and insightful wit we really need to see more of on the left.

That's all for now.  More to come.  There is always more.

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