Monday, 5 June 2017

Herbs and shoots

It's been very satisfying to be able to pot this cutting this afternoon. I took it from the parent plant a few weeks ago, not really sure if it would do anything or not, but it sprouted a healthy young root system in the water, which has been now begging for earth. I obliged.

Sage is one of my favourite herbs, and I've had three pairs growing from seed in my kitchen, which I harvested about a week ago and have hung to dry. There's some good woody growth on the remaining stems, and I've made sure to keep some of the younger leaves as they are, hopefully promoting more growth for next year (or maybe even this).

Immediately after my first indoor potato harvest, I but the tub back to work in the same spot, with a couple of "chitted" potatoes I've had ready to go for a while. I made a more careful note of when exactly these ones were planted (29th May), to give me some idea of the time it takes from sow to harvest, which might be interesting to measure of the course of the year.

Peas have done much better on the windowsill than in any other spot - or it might have been over-watering that has caused the peas in the kitten proof contraption in the kitchen to wither. Still, it's not been totally unsuccessful:

The only propagated cabbage scrap I thought might make it, tragically, did not. I have had no success at all with kale, either, which saddens me. Cabbage seemed like it might be really great to grow indoors. More work is needed in this area if I am to achieve my own cabbage.

Beans are doing ok, though. I love to look at the patterns they weave as they twist and bloom towards the light. Nature cannot but be beautiful. It's truly remarkable.

I'm also beginning to explore the fascinating world of succulents. They require very little maintenance, once established, and I fancy myself a sculptor of miniature alien landscapes, thus:

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