Thursday, 29 June 2017

Microgreens! Day Five

Here is what the original tray of peas looks like at the end of day five:

Some kind of furry mold has developed that I don't like the look of, and I imagine I would like the taste of even less.  Perhaps this experiment should be abandoned.  I'm sure the worms would be glad of a snack.

Trays of peas set up yesterday in my bedroom look altogether more healthy.  Most interesting to me is the effect that covering and weighing down seems to have had.  A tray of exposed peas looks like this:

While a tray of covered and weighted peas looks like this:

Noticeably more peas have sprouted in the two covered trays than in the two uncovered trays.  This is after only one day, note.

The mung beans, also sown yesterday, look like this:

Some shoots already.  This is marvellous.  Both trays were uncovered, but for the sake of science, I have now covered one, and will compare growth over the weekend.

Having an excess of dried peas, I'd left some in the pan, which I'd covered with a chopping board from the kitchen while I was away, and they now look like this:

About as much sprouting has occurred here, in almost total darkness, with a little water, as had occurred in the soil I had left covered and weighted.  I made up a few more smaller trays in some spare mushroom cartons before retiring to bed.

What's happened to the lentils from day three?  Nothing much.

This really is all very interesting.

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