Monday, 26 June 2017

Microgreens! Day Two

Delighted to discover this morning that, after not even 24 hours in the soil, the peas have already started to sprout.  Look:

This is incredible to me.  I've grateful for advice received from the 'Growing and Selling Microgreens' Facebook group, as well as /r/microgreens.  The number one tip was to weigh down the seeds, rather than (or sometimes as well as) covering them with soil, since it gives them something to push against, that can then be removed as the shoots emerge.  I can see how this could facilitate faster growth.  I used another black bin bag, with a spare wooden shelf on top.  These shelves are made of light wood, so hopefully aren't too heavy.

It's also interesting to me how it seems to be advantageous to start off your shoots getting very little light.  I suppose before they get to the stage where photosynthesis gets going, light isn't really a priority.  Another surprise.  I have so much to learn.

Another update tomorrow.  Have a joyful Monday.

UPDATE: Day Three is here.

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