Sunday, 30 July 2017

Microgreens Week Six: Grow in the Dark

If I'd been a bit more organised and "present" than I managed to be this week, I'd have started a tray or two of microgreens every other day, to get an actual rotation going. Things didn't turn out that way, so yesterday I stock up on mung, adzuki, and started some off soaking overnight. Two trays of adzuki beans and two trays of mung beans have gone on to the shelves this morning.

It's starting to look like growth of all three of these microgreens is just as good in the dark as in direct sunlight, if not better.

Here are the adzuki and mung beans I sowed last Sunday/Monday, after a week in my dingy hallway:

I also thought I'd try a bit of companion planting with microgreens, too.  The idea here is to have a kind of table top microgreen garden that I throw a handful of seeds in every so often, so they're ready for harvesting at different times.  Each time I eat a few, I'll sow a few more.  This has been on the go for about five days now, and initially looked like this...

...and today looks like this:

Featuring peas, adzuki, mung and red cabbage.  All seem to be getting along just fine, though the peas don't seem quite as enthusiastic.  They're on my table though, which is next to a window, so that could be the light factor again.  Interesting.

After having zero success back in January with growing kale - none of the plants I started made it much further than the seedling stage, I've had considerably better results with growing them as microgreens.  Here is a tray of kale seedlings grown on my kitchen windowsill, after one week:

Here, less impressively, is a tray of "dwarf" kale:

Not really sure what its problem is, but it's welcome all the same.

I'm wondering what to try next.  Sunflowers?  Any ideas?  What's the yummiest microgreen?  That is the question.

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