Sunday, 9 July 2017

Microgreens Week Two: Success and Failures

Let's start with the success.  Here's my try of radish greens (or should I say reds?) just four days after sowing.

A very impressive rate of growth and germination.  I'll be using Nicky's Nursery again, no doubt about that.  I grew the seeds on compost in the wooden fruit tray I first used for peas, to no avail, when I started this project two weeks ago.  This time I've used a layer of fleece cloth underneath the compost instead of a black bag.  No signs of mould, and flies don't seem much interested in this either.  Very low maintenance so far: I've just given them a spray once a day and let them do their thing.

Here's something interesting.  Peas on the windowsill, getting plenty of direct sunlight:

And peas on top of my chest of drawers, sown from the same batch at the same time, in the same room but getting hardly any direct sunlight at all:

Darkness would seem to be what peas prefer.  Noted for future reference.

Meanwhile, I decided to salvage what I could of the mung beans and just plant them in a few pots to see what would happen.  To (hopefully) prevent the spread of any further mould, I removed only a few shoots that had germinated, and sterilised the pots in hot water with a little bleach and white vinegar before replanting.  Here they are in my kitchen:

Rather sad really, but it's a shame to let the whole tray go to waste.

Just wondering now what to grow next week.  Looking forward to a radish and pea shoot salad of some kind in the next few days.

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