Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Allotment Update (and some brief morning whimsy)

I popped over to the allotment this morning to see what was what. I took with me a cherry tomato plant I've had indoors and put it in the greenhouse.  It looked sad all on its own on the weedy floor like that. I will find him some friends.

The thermometer I've left in there was showing 12.1 centigrade. This was at 7:00am. Not really tomato weather. There's been another few days of heavy rain, and not all the pepper plants approve of this either, though one stands defiant.

Another needed propping up, so I found a stick, and stuck it.

A few glimmers of blue sky among the grey herald a few sunnier days, I hope.

I visited my parents on Monday/Tuesday, where we visited the magnificent work of art that is the gardens of Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. The diveristy and beauty of the natural world continues to astound me. I thought a lot about how nature has taken millions upon countless millions of years designing the eco-system, an impeccably efficient arrangement of relationships between prey and predator, animal and plant, organism and cell, in which nothing ever goes to waste. And how we, the human species, the only part of that system who claims to consciously understand it, have also been the unconscious element of so much of its destruction. You have to laugh at the horrible irony.

Later, I was leafing through a battered vegetarian recipe book of my mother's, which begins:

It was originally published in 1969. This edition is from 1980. You have to laugh at the language used - the types of meat referred to that almost nobody eats anymore, the description of vegans "strict vegetarians" and (my favourite part) the allusion to the "healthy races". How things have changed for the better in a short space of time. This is worth speculating about, too. 

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