Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Going Organic

Little and often, is the thing.  I've been nipping over to the allotment on average for about an hour a day, doing some weeding here and there, planting a few things, but not exerting myself.  I find this to be a much more satisfying experience than to attempt any kind of 'blitz' of the area over the course of a single day or weekend.  Slowly, some kind of order is emerging.  I have decided I want the space to be as much a work of art - as beautiful, as it is productive.  That doesn't happen if you do things too quickly.  Here are some things I've done the past two weeks.

I moved all the rose bushes to one end of the bed, opening up more space for other things (as yet undecided)

I've weeded out most of the bed along the edge of the plot, and planted my bay tree (previously an occupant of the kitchen) and a number of other shrubs I haven't identified.  This bed will be 'experimental' - I've no idea yet if these are plants that go well together, but at least they look nice.

The herb patch is coming along nicely, sage in particular, which just seems to love being outdoors.

I'm especially pleased to see the onions I found show signs of life

One squash plant remains, defiant.

I also decided to plant some of the lavender at one edge of the herb patch, because it seemed like the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, I happened to wander into the British Heart Foundation in Bury the other day, when I came across this:

That's right.  A fully functional organ (or 'electone' as it likes to be called) for a mere £25.  It immediately became mine.

That's right.  Mine.  I've gone organic.  Hur hur hur.

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