Thursday, 10 August 2017

Orange is the New Green

This morning I had to experience a tenancy inspection, as a representative of my landlord came to visit in order to assess whether it would be acceptable for me to continue living in this little flat for another twelve months.  I was up early, to cart two buckets of potatoes over to the allotment, as I wondered whether they might not take too kindly to how I've been growing a forest in my front room over the summer.  As it turned out they didn't much care.  I think they probably just wanted to check the kittens were gone, which is indeed the case.  Rent will go up by another £20 from September, however, assuming permission is granted.  So it goes.

Some pepper plants are stronger than others.

Something's been snacking.  I looked into it, and several sites recommend orange peel and/or turmeric as a pesticide alternative.  I want to keep things as "organic" as possible, although I'm still not entirely sure what that means.  Wandering over from my flat to the plot, I came across an orange peel on the road.  This immediately became mine, and by this evening, this:

I've staked up the plants that look as though they're going to make it, and sprinkled turmeric powder all over the place.  As you can see, I've also been bringing over various potted plants and herbs (lavender, sage, and rosemary) and some of these have now gone into the soil.

Herbs also have some pest-deterring properties, or so I've read.

I admire the way that several other allotmentiers have divided up their plots for specific plants: onions here, cabbages there, and there are some obvious advantages to doing so.  It's something I'll have to look at in the spring but for now I'm going for a kind of orgy of companion planting in this bed, to see what lasts the winter and what does not.  Over the weekend I'll set to work on some more wedding of the second bed, and find some appropriate seeds to sow.  Any suggestions?

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