Monday, 16 April 2018

April on the Allotment

This post comes with a soundtrack.  Press play to listen while you read my words and look at my pictures.

There are rumours of warmer weather this week.  I like this, and so do my plants.  One thing about keeping plants and having an allotment is you become effortlessly more in tune with the changing of the seasons.  This is obviously a good thing - grounding us in the present, while joining us both with the past (our ancestors paid close attention to all the nuances of their climate as if their lives depended on it, because they often did) as well as with the future: are harsher winters and hotter summers in the UK becoming "the new normal"?  There's even rumours of the gulf stream slowing, maybe even stopping.

Plants understand little of this, we suppose.  (Perhaps not though).  The thyme seeds sown in March have made an abundant appearance.

The most wonderful thyme of the year.
As has the borage:

This is the borage sown in March - the area where I sowed seeds in February looks bare.  Noted for next year.  I've never knowingly eaten any borage.  Looking forward to it.

The blueberry bush looks ready for anything:

As noted in a video earlier this year, don't give up on your mint.  Here's the chocolate mint today:

Exotic, enticing, delicious.  Even the rhubarb I thought I had destroyed completely (never liked the stuff) has returned.

Perhaps I should learn to make my peace with rhubarb.  Sarah, bread baker, tongue sticker, made me some delicious rhubarb and ginger jam last year.  Or perhaps it was her Mum.  But Sarah gave it me, and it was delicious too, it really was.

Moved some more things into my shed, too.  Things are going well.

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