Wherever I am six months from now, I'm reasonably confident I'm still going to need to eat food. (Assuming I'm not dead, which is something I find it encouraging to assume). That in mind, it makes sense to accumulate a supply of food now and with cost-cutting the name of the game, ALDI has become my new friend. You can buy four tins of baked beans in ALDI for 96p. A kilogram of rice for 40p. A tin of potatoes for 15p. 500g of pasta for 29p. They're not even paying me to tell you this. It's just the truth.  Here's the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards:

You don't know what you're missing.

Pictured: peanuts, rice, baked beans, mixed beans, chick peas, peas, kidney beans, pasta.  I'm also a big fan of seaweed-based snacks (also pictured) but these aren't cheap, in terms of price per calorie.  They are though, apparently, a "superfood" but then, what isn't, these days?  If anyone knows a cheap source of dried seaweed in the UK, I'd be very interested to hear about it.  Anyway, a good couple of weeks food, there.  I'm also thinking about fasting.  There's a lot to be said for fasting as a spiritual exercise as much as a practical one but it's something I need to look into more, from the point of view of bodily health.  Mind and body in harmony, and all that.

Another consideration is fresh vegetables.  These are vital - I've been a committed vegan now for two years, and this is something I'll be posting more about here (it's actually cheaper than you might think!) so I don't need any more convincing on the value of fresh vegetables, especially greens.  These aren't something you can really stockpile, but I expect there are some that last longer than others uncooked.  I've got some portions of kale in the freezer that I've pre-cooked, to be easily microwaveable.  It's a supply that's dwindling and as with seaweed, not easy to replace on a minimalist budget.

Having said all that, if Jeremy Corbyn can live on cold baked beans, well so can I.  He probably fasts sometimes, too.


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