Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Composting Your Own Hair

I cut my own hair the other day.  True story.  What's a budding zero-waster to do?  

Well, throw it on the compost, of course.  It turns out this is a completely normal thing to do.  There's pages on this very subject in all the places you might expect: Mother Earth News, Treehugger, Science Daily, GardenWeb and so on.  Doing a bit of googling brought threw up this curious case from 2010, of a barber in Blackburn who had been composting his customers' hair for 40 years, being told to stop it, and required to pay £100 for the privilege of having it dumped in a landfill instead.  Such is the world we live in.

Fact is, hair is full of nutrients and as basically a waste product as far as your body is concerned, however much money you may spend on shaping and styling it (my advice: don't bother).  There's really no such thing as waste, though, scientifically speaking.  Hair is made mostly of keratin, which is full of all kinds of nutritious molecules.  You may want to consider before adding any to your compost whether you're using any less "natural" chemical products on your hair on a regular basis, the sort of things you might not want seeping into the roots of your cabbages a year from now, but apart from that, there's nothing standing in your way of returning it to soil.

Maybe if you do, one day you'll look as good as me.



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