Saturday, 22 July 2017

Microgreens Week Five: Mung Beans for Breakfast

Indeed.  I actually did have mung beans for breakfast this morning, and very tasty they were too.  There's an earthy bitterness to them that would accompany the sweetness of pea shoots well in a salad, but the pea shoots aren't ready yet, so I drizzled them with a little olive oil, added in the left over roasted chick peas from last night and shoved them down my gob.  Most satisfactory.

Here is how the tray of mung bean shoots looked this morning, exactly one week after sowing:

And in close up:

No mould that I could see at all.  Sterilising the trays appears to have been worth it.  Cinnamon on the soil as a fly repellent seems to have worked very nicely, too.  Feeling pleased with myself.  Here is the tray after reaping:

I sliced off the shoots in handfuls with scissors, gave them a rinse, and thus:

As part of a balanced breakfast
You can pick out more of the beans if you like, but I wanted to leave a little something for the worms.  The beans, having split and germinated are soft and chewy.  The whole damn plant is edible!

Here are the pea shoots, also sown this time last week:

Pea shoots take a little longer to reach microgreen maturity - I think perhaps another four days for these, even a week.  Spreading them a little more thinly when sowing seems to have worked too: almost all the seeds have germinated.

Here are the adzuki beans:

Very attractive, but I've never grown these before so I'm not sure what stage to cut them at.  Still more to learn.  Always more to learn!

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