Sunday, 21 January 2018

Seedling and Indoor Gardening Update

My little improvised greenhouse has already more than justified its existence.  I'm pleased to report that just 11 days after sowing, it's already given me my first spinach, red cabbage and onion seedlings of the year (not to mention marigolds, which have now taken up residence on top of my cooker, to free up immediate space for me to sow more).

The sun has barely shone at all in Bury all month, and today it is snowing outside.  Yet here we are, spinach:

...of the 'Amazon' variety, as well as 'Banjo' - 

I sprinkled a few more seeds in the less productive-looking soil gaps, for good measure.  Next, red cabbage:

and, finally, Bedfordshire onions:

Still no visible activity from the celery.

Marigolds and mint, perching on the oven for now.

Meanwhile, my greenhouse shelves have arrived, a tidy £19.99 from Olypa who incredibly enough guarantee "110% satisfaction".  I don't really know what that means, but I must admit their shelves are highly satisfactory.  Easy to assemble, and even packaged with relatively little plastic.  As mentioned, the weather outside remains shit so I'm less than eager to trudge over to the allotment this morning to continue fixing up the greenhouse.  It occurred to me as I was drinking my coffee though, that these shelves might make excellent curtains, by which I mean:

I never really got round to putting up any curtains or blinds in this flat, but I really rather fancy the idea of growing my own.  Nasturtiums, vines, and other lengthy plants might should make excellent experimental window dressing.  I like to fantasise I could grow enormous vines, big enough to make a hammock from, but let's not get carried away.  Point is, at £19.99 for enough pieces to make eight shelves in any combination (3 are pictured here, leaving 5 for the greenhouse or perhaps, weather not permitting, another window) I can afford to indulge in another set a week or two from now, by which time it might even be possible to want to go outside.

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