Sunday, 25 March 2018

My Windowsill Herb Garden

It's not freezing cold outside today.  This is something of a first for the year, and it means I can actually open the windows in my flat even when I'm not cooking.  This makes me happy.  The overlooked, tiniest mundanities of everyday life: this is where happiness is found.  So...don't overlook them.  Open a window.

Just inside my open kitchen window, you'll find a little herb garden I've been carefully cultivating for about a year now.  I'd like to take you on a little tour of it.  This might make you happy, too.

Here it is from above:

From top left, we have: rosemary and dill.  Just below the rosemary, a little scattering of French marigolds - not really herbs, I know, but a must for deterring pests, as every gardener will tell you, so I threw some in.  Bottom left, not see easy to see in this picture, a cutting of thyme from my dad's garden.  I'm not so sure how well this is doing, but we'll take a closer look in a moment.  To the right of that, a sage cutting from the park, and just visible to their right, some more sage, sprouting from seeds.  And scattered in the centre, also grown from seed: chives.  Let's dive in closer.

Here's the sage seedlings:

The rosemary was a cutting from a huge plant on the allotment, which I'm very pleased to see establish itself and even begin to flower:

That means more seeds, I would assume.  I've never had much success keeping rosemary grown from seed alive.  Maybe these seeds will be different.  Second generation.  Established.  

Look at this:

That's the first signs of thyme, that is.  If the cutting doesn't work out, they're my backup.  Here's the cutting:

I'm not sure it's going to make it.  I hope it appreciates the fresh air it's getting today through the open window as much as I do.  Here's the new sage, with some chives in the background:

Oh, and I almost forgot - lemon balm.  Seeds sown, but no sign yet:

Not much of a picture then really, is it?  Sorry.  Here's some dill to make up for it:

Dill can be sown all year round, and some of this sprouted at the end of January.  I've been adding a few more seeds each month so I can enjoy a year-round supply.

Some of the chives came from shop-bought seeds; others from flowers I found in the park.  I've got something to tell you about the park, but that can wait for another post.  For now, just open a window, breathe in, breathe out; have joy.

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