A Possible World

Trying not to be part of the problem.

Water and Brains

Eating spaghetti with the Shadow Chancellor.

Plant Trees by Searching

I'm a furious Googler, but not so long ago I came across another search engine that's actually worth using.  No, it isn't Bing.  Don't be silly.

Microgreens! Day Two

Delighted to discover this morning that, after not even 24 hours in the soil, the peas have already started to sprout.  Look:

Sunday in the Park, and Then Soup

We've had the classic British summer this week: a few days of glorious sunshine, which everyone pretends to enjoy while also complaining about, followed by a half-arsed thunderstorm and as many days of dreary damp, which everyone pretends not to be relieved about, while complaining about.  This is as it should be.


Today I begin experimenting with indoor microgreen growing.  Microgreens are just the shoots of edible plants, grown tightly packed together so as to be harvested at that stage.  They are extremely nutritious.  There's all kinds of things you can grow as microgreens, too.  You can even grow things as microgreens that you wouldn't think to eat otherwise.  Sunflower shoots, for example.

Growing a succulent in a tea pot

I briefly enthused about succulents a few weeks ago, and today I'd like to do so again.

On Not Gawping At Your Phone All The Time

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was not reach for my phone.  I draw your attention to this because, of all the infinite number of things I also didn't do, this was a break from habit.  The first thing I do almost every morning, often before I even urinate, is reach for my phone.

Weekend Linkdump

Just some things that have caught my attention this week.  Explore and enjoy.

Harvesting Sage and Feeding Worms

The sage I nabbed from the park last month has now well and truly tried, so today I harvested it.  I now have myself a nice little bowl of dried sage, to add to soups and any other recipe I like.

Mr Spock and the Cat Police

How overthinking the meaning of cat ownership may have made me sociopath, and other musings.

Local Democracy (Part Two)

In which I start to hassle my newly elected representative...

A Quick Celebration of the Butternut Squash

My apologies for my recent lapse in blogging.  It's something I intend to get back into the swing of this weekend.  In the meantime, I'd like to invite you to take a few moments to celebrate with me the wonders of butternut squash.